Friday, November 4, 2011


Since our butts (and everything else on us) still really hurt from the ride, and since we really didn't have to leave, we decided to stay in Iringa the next day. While we sat on the porch sipping our coffee after breakfast, we met our new best friend, Titho. He's a young man who recently finished high school and works at one of the business in the area of the guesthouse. He tried to teach us some basic Swahili phrases, and we answered his questions about life in the US. (If, in several years, you happen to come over and find a short, smiling African man in our home, that will be Titho. He wants to come to the US after he completes his studies at the university very much, and we invited him to visit us if he gets to the States). 
 We found the internet cafe across the street from our guesthouse and spent much of the afternoon catching up on emails, blogging, and writing ride reports. Before dinner, we chatted some more with Titho and learned about life in Iringa from him. For dinner, we found a different restaurant and each had prawns with vegetables and rice (chips for Colin). We strolled back to the guesthouse for the evening, and I put on my charwoman hat and did some needed laundry. 
Jacaranda trees in Iringa
The next morning, we decided to stay in Iringa for one more day, and spent most of our time uploading photos and our blog and ride reports at the internet cafe. Since our next stop after Africa is India, we needed to do some research on transportation options for ourselves and the bikes before arriving in Dar Es Salaam (from where we plan to depart for the subcontinent). So we also did a bit more poking around on the internet for shipping possibilities and also for places to stay in Dar.

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