Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Riding to Cochin (Eranakulam)

Diesel? You're bathing in it
Colin felt better after getting a good night of sleep but was still not 100%.  He was sell enough to ride, and we actually encountered the very nicest roads we have seen in India to date.  And the traffic was lighter than the previous day, so we could look around a little to enjoy the views of coconut groves and rivers along the way.  It did sprinkle on and off throughout the day, but never enough to actually wash our filthy, filthy, filthy riding gear.  Before we left Africa, our Dariens were in need of a washing.  Now after two weeks in India, they are turning gray.  The amount of dust and diesel being belched all over us has made washing our gear a priority.  The amount of pollution is incredible.  I am pretty sure that by the time we leave India, my lungs will look like those of a lifelong smoker.  When we ride, the fumes burn the eyes, and grit coats the teeth.  It's really disgusting.
Re has taken to riding with a bandana across her face to at least cut down on the amount of grime that gets stuck to her face every day, but I kind of like the Captain Jack Sparrow look.  Some nights we are amazed that hotels will even let us in the front door with as grubby as we are.  All kidding aside, I have found that I have developed an occasional cough since we arrived in India.  Around lunchtime we stopped in a small town for some lunch and had a nice time chatting with our fruit vendor and the rest of the usual crowd that gathered.   

We made it to Ernakulam around 4:30 pm and found a good guesthouse run by a friendly Royal Enfield rider.  While he was looking over our bikes, Re had the brilliant idea to ask if he knew of a local welder who could fix her rack.  She rightly figured that Royal Enfield riders would know all the repair shops, and John said he knew of one to send us to tomorrow.  After another dinner of too freakin' hot food, we returned to the room to have some Pepto Bismol tablets for dessert and watch Spider Man 3 on the tv. 

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