Sunday, July 24, 2011

Hurry up and wait

Hurry up and wait is our current operating mode with less than a week until our departure.  Everything we could pack ahead of time is already packed.  All that's left are the few things we need to use until we leave, with the exception of the kitchen.  I've been cooking up a bit of a storm to tide me over until the next time I have unrestricted access to a well-equipped and stocked kitchen, since it's one thing I love to do.  Now my focus will shift to simple on-the-road foods that don't require refrigeration or a drawer full of spices and can be cooked in one or two small pans (my head keeps returning to SPAM, SPAM, eggs, and SPAM, for some reason...). 
I also finished my latest knitting project last week (see picture to the left), just in time to leave, and I may actually get to wear it for a half hour before it gets packed in a box!  Sadly, our gym membership ended yesterday, so we can't even spend our spare time this week working on our physiques.  That's another thing we need to figure out - how to maintain our super-buffness whilst on the road.  If anyone has realistic exercise suggestions that can be done in a campground, please send them on!

Our schedule for the rest of the week includes final packing on Wednesday, moving everything into storage on Thursday, and cleaning and packing the bikes on Friday to be ready to go, go, GO! on Saturday. 

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