Monday, July 4, 2011

It's official!

This is NOT how we will be flying
It is now official- we bought our tickets to Cape Town.  We will leave from Toronto in mid-September on Etihad, and I am very excited!  Yeah yeah yeah, I'm excited about the trip, but also about flying on a different international carrier and adding three more airports to my list of stops (it's a dorky holdover from my years of working in the airline industry)!  We get to fly in Coral Economy class, which sounds exotic and looks quite stylish in the photos on their website.  Maybe someday we'll get to try out the Diamond First class suites, but first we need to buy the winning Powerball ticket.

Friday was my last day at Mid-Columbia Medical Center (again) and they held the biannual "Farewell Rebekah" potluck.  I worked there full-time prior to our last adventure in southeast Asia, and when we returned last summer, they hired me again.  There aren't enough excuses for communal meals, and I am happy to oblige by giving people a reason to cook something yummy to share.  The next one is already marked on the 2013 calendar!

It's closing in on me!
We have less than four weeks to go until our departure from Portland, so we began packing (again) to put stuff in storage (again).  Right now, I feel like we are living in a PacMan maze what with the boxes of stuff we have to meander around to get to the kitchen.  It's making me feel really on edge (I hate clutter and prefer to toss it in the trash or at least hide it in a closet), but I have to keep in mind that it is only temporary.  It must be done now in order to purge more junk and get it to Goodwill before we sell our last remaining car in a week, since I don't believe that 45-gallon Hefty bags full of clothes would balance well on the backs of our Symbas.

One thing we still need to get for our trip is a travel-sized cribbage board.  My friend Ruth and her husband Matt taught us to play last weekend over a couple of microbrews, and I think it'll be a great way to pass the time on rainy days or while waiting to cross borders!


  1. So great to hear that you have learned to play cribbage! I know how to play and will when you come in town. I will check to see if I have a travel size board. Will be great to see you! Michael
    Ok, this is me, Kris. Will be great to see you too. :) Excited to hear about about your trip.

  2. As for purging all of the excess crap, I bet it is a freeing feeling. Good for you! After this trip, I bet material possessions will seem a weight.