Tuesday, June 7, 2011

And so the insanity begins...

In December of 2010, I floated the idea of riding around the world on motorcycles past Re. Fun, excitement, the open road, oh and crooked border agents, rain and stifling heat, and "It's gonna cost how much?!?"  After some discussion and basic research, we decided that it was a dumb idea ("It's gonna cost how much?!?" and "What the hell is Carnet?"and "Monsoon season starts when?"). Instead, we would backpack India and SE Asia for a while, and then stay to teach English for a year or two wherever we liked the most. While this plan had merit, it just didn't resonate with either of us. No other plan really had the excitement and challenge, or the potentially epic nature of a motorcycle trip around the world. So in the beginning of May we came back to the idea of a motorcycle trip but with a twist.  This really only gave us about 13 weeks to plan the trip and get everything together.  Over the next several weeks we hope to give everyone a peek inside what it will take to get this show on the road.

By way of introduction, we are Colin and Rebekah (or just Re). Beginning in August 2011, we are going to take a 12- to 14- month motorcycle trip around the world. Some of you may remember us from our previous (non-biking) adventures in SE Asia in 2009-2010. If you'd like to read about our previous exploits, you can do so at http://boogandthegoonch.blogspot.com/. You can also follow along with our photos and videos at http://colinandre.smugmug.com/.

Our trip will include the U.S., Africa, SE Asia, and perhaps Australia (depending on time, funds and inclination). We are in the process of gearing up and paring down, since everything that we aren't carrying with us will need to go into storage while we are gone. I (Colin) will be adding several posts soon detailing the gearing up process and bike preparation. Re will be adding the less technical (more entertaining) posts. We figure that this format will allow people to easily read about what interests them the most.

More on the bikes in the next post

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  1. Hi guys, I'm looking forward to reading all about your great adventure! Best of luck!

    -- a fellow northwest Symba rider
    (tesla314 on ADV)