Thursday, June 16, 2011

You give me (yellow) fever

Heart of a lion in this one, eh?
On Tuesday, Colin and I went to the ominously named, Infectious Diseases clinic. Not to worry, we were there for prophylactic vaccinations only! We now have added yellow fever, polio, and hepatitis A to the list of things we (and thus you, Mom) won't have to fret about. The doctor also wrote our prescriptions for malaria treatment and antibiotics to combat "Delhi belly," which apparently is now resistant to ciprofloxacin in India and should be treated with azithromycin for greater success. To think of all the things we've learned already, and we haven't even left the relative safety, comfort, and boredom of home! Colin, as you can see, is not a fan of injections. This was the second of four (he needed his last hepatitis B shot as well) shots, and he felt MUCH better after the nice nurse lady covered the holes in his flesh with "Garfield" band-aids (my arm felt better from the flamingo and tropical fish on my adhesive dots). Our first aid kit and pre-departure health preparations are now complete.

Rebekah and her sister looking foxy, circa 1975
 We also now have all of our riding gear for the trip. Colin mentioned our riding suits and magic helmets in a previous post, but I don't know if you all truly appreciate them for the beautiful garments they are. Yes, they will protect our epidermis from scrape-y pavement and the rain, but......they match. When we were getting ready to place the order and deciding on colors, Colin strongly suggested that tan would be the most practical color for riding in the temperatures we are likely to encounter. Tan was the hue he selected and talked me into ordering the same. I secretly think it's because he wants us to be like those couples you see wearing matching satin baseball jackets or the "I'm with him" and "I'm with her" t-shirts. They are over-suits, so they're rather voluminous, and they're armored for added protection (and heightened sex appeal), but when I look at ourselves in the mirror, I am sadly reminded of a photograph of my sister and me wearing identical, shiny, red snowsuits and red galoshes. Our bikes, riding suits and boots match, but at least our helmets are different shades of gray!

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