Tuesday, June 7, 2011


So we're planning this trip and getting all the stuff we'll need to live for the next year and trying to make sure it will all fit in two Pelican hard cases and two duffel bags. At the same time, we're selling the things we don't or won't need and that won't easily fit in our next storage unit. While Colin outfits the motorbikes, I am attempting to find someone who will carry our unassuming, cute, little motorbikes across the Atlantic to somewhere that is not currently a State Department danger zone for less than my left tit (I'd rather pay cash, as I'm rather fond of them and would like to keep my almost matching pair).

One freight shipper asked why we don't just stow the bikes in the overhead bin on our plane. I thought it sounded like a perfectly reasonable solution, but alas, the airlines disagree. I am glad that Colin encouraged me to start on this project now, because it might take us a year and a half to row ourselves and the bikes to Cape Town (and one of us might not make it all the way, depending on how the food supply were to hold out...). This is a bigger challenge than I imagined it would be, but a way will be found! I just want to say, “Thank you,” to those responsible for the creation of the TSA and for the disruption of the airfreight industry.

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  1. Yes I think you need to keep both of your boobies girl! :) I am very excited for you guys and may I say a tinge jealous. Those are some really sexy bikes, or should I say "underbones". Yes, I agree the name has a curious twang to it, and it peeked my curiosity to find out more. LOL
    We're really looking forward to seeing you guys when you come through STL. To think this time last year we were covered in scraped paint! We're actually having a great month and looking forward to continuing the trend.
    Good luck with all of your plans, and have a safe trip here! :)
    Love you guys,
    P.S. Michael thanks Colin for sending the link to work so I could have fun reading about your trip and not doing my work. Sweet! I love an excuse to play!
    Kris & Michael